Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Talk So He Listens and Listen So He Talks Pt1


                                                   How to Talk So He LISTENS and LISTEN SO He Talks PT1

Okay, so we have heard it over and over: Communication is a HUGE part of being in a happy and healthy relationship. Probably the most important part. But HOW do REALLY communicate? What's the secret to REAL communication that brings about REAL change in your relationship? How can YOU communicate in a way that allows YOU to have the relationship of your dreams?

Look at your current or past relationships and ask yourself these questions. Are you tired of hinting, asking or practically begging for what you want only for him to STILL not get it? Does it seem like you are constantly repeating yourself to your partner, yet things stay the same? Have you resorted to nagging, fussing and complaining JUST to get your point across?

If you answers yes to any of these questions and you are ready for change, DON'T miss this weeks show! I will be sharing some stuff that will change the way you communicate forever!

And this is just part 1!!! Next week we will tackle how to LISTEN so he talks! Are you tired of NOT knowing what is going on with your partner? Tired of asking, "Whats going on with you?', only to be met with a blank stare, a shoulder shrug or, the famous, I don't want to talk about it? Sooo frustrating! But it doesn't have to be and next week ALL of that will change! So make sure to join me for this 2 part, relationship changing program, where YOU will learn to talk so he listens and listen so he talks!

When: Monday, November 14, 2011
Time: 7:00-7:30PM EST

Where: or call in to listen live or comment by dialing 760-512-7255

This show is quickly becoming the go-to show for real relationship advice and insight! Come on out and get you relationship "Aha" moment!

Some of you are happily single or married and this is NOT for you and I am happy for you =)! BUT, IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO WOULD ENJOY THIS OR COULD BENEFIT, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG. Together we can break the cycle of painful relationships and unlock the door to the relationship of your dreams. See you on the radio!



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