Monday, January 11, 2010

What Are You Committed To?

Often times we don't realize how deeply committed we are to an idea or notion. The truth is, often times, we are more committed to the life we have and doing things the way we have done in the past, than the life we say we want. The end result is that we wake up one day wondering, "How did I end up here? This isn't the life I wanted!" If this is you, this post may be helpful.

I welcome relationship questions and all comments. As I mentioned in the video post, I am offering FREE sample coaching sessions. You can visit my website @ or email me @ . Blessings. Talk to you soon.........Crystal


  1. gurl, i'm going to tell my sister about your blog--she's been divorced going on 5-7 years now and i fear she's afraid to open heart because of the abuse she endured--i love your videos--i like one on feel concept--may have to have a couple of sessions with you in the future--i love you for all you do my sistah---remain blessed!!

  2. Thank you sooooo much EssenseVibez! Divorce can be a really tough thing. Opening up again, after being hurt can feel scary and daunting. I would love to offer your sister sample session. My sample sessions are free and done over the so distance is not an issue. They are also confidential. She can go to my website for my contact information.

    Again, thank you for your love and support! Stepping out and living you dream is no always the easiest thing. Your encouragement means the world to me. You remained Blessed as well!

    Much Love,