Friday, February 19, 2010

Why "Clicking" With a Guy Can Actually Be A Sign That He's NOT Right For You

Don't mind the screen. The video will play if you click the button. I don't know what is going on with uploading my videos lately. I've also changed the days that I post to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being in school and working has proven to be more of a challenge that I thought. So, in the name of consistency, I decided to change the days :-).

Sometimes, the same thing that causes you to "click" with someone, can be the very same thing that makes the relationship unhealthy. That instant and sometimes powerful connection that we call "clicking with" some one can be very misleading. To make a long story short, the thing that attracts you to someone, may not be the same thing that make someone a good long term mate. Check out the video for more. You can also contact me at or visit my website @ Kisses and Hugs.................Crystal

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  1. Hello Ms. crystal!!! I ahven't been here in so long... :(. But I'm back, yayyy!! I liked htis one, as always. I find it so funny whrn people emphasize the"click"
    like it's the end all be all. It's like..."ummm, OK, so he verbally abuses you.... But you DID click, right?". ?LoL?. wow. How did your certification go!!?

    Off to watch the rest now!