Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Good Enough Turns OutTo Be More Than Enough

Does being too picky stand in the way of you finding what you want? Sometimes we pass over something really, really good looking for perfection. If it's not what you want its not what you want, right? Not so fast! Check out my video for more on this phenomenon!

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  1. Congratulations on your new car!! And your hair looks cute by the way! So glad you like it. I really enjoy your videos. I'm planning to post a link on my Facebook leading to it. And once again, totally agree and am feeling this message.

    Toodles1 ;)


  2. HI O.F.C.J.!!! Thanks or the congrats. I absolutely LOVE Gatsby and I'm gettin' my Chaka Chan on with the hair! Thanks for posting the link. Smooches.............Crystal

  3. I really enjoyed this video.
    It was a very smart way to illustrate this issue using your car example.
    Sometimes I want to shoot my husband but, then I realize it's a high % of what I want :)