Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are Women Too Picky?

While working as a hairstylist for 20 years I've had some of the most enlightening and intriguing conversations with my clients. I enjoy the creativity but most of all I enjoy my clients and the conversations that we have. Needless to say we have some doozies! Being a stylist actually plays a large part in why I am a relationship coach today.

So the question came up, are women too picky? And the conversation went wild! As you can imagine, there was a lot to say. I recalled a story my husband told me when we first met. It involved a young woman he dated before we met. He met this young woman on vacation. They struck up a conversation and hung out together on vacation. They even decided to go out when they got back home. Now, I want to say here and maybe I'm a little biased, my husband is a catch. He's handsome, smart, articulate, gainfully employed, I mean the list could go on. So you can imagine my surprise when the reason he stopped dating her was drum roll please........... She asked about his shoes!

Now this sounds crazy, I know. But that's why they stopped dating. You see, they went out on a few dates and apparently he wore the same shoes. Not run overshoes, not shoes with holes in them, he just wore the same shoes two times in a row. So on date number two she asked, "Are you going to wear those shoes again?" And he decided that that was their last date.

Now I'm sure this woman has sat with her girlfriends at one point in her life and said, "There are no good men out here." Yet, when one passed her way, she was concerned about his shoes.

So when asked the question "are women to picky"? My answer is yes and no. I think we can be far too picky about things that don't matter and not picky enough when it comes to what really matters. We can tend to focus our energy on things like shoes, clothing and swagger which say nothing of a man’s potential to be a loving, committed partner.

So where are you too picky about things that don't matter and not picky enough about what does?

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