Thursday, October 29, 2009

Falling in LOVE with ME!

As I work on my up coming workshop, one thing just JUMPS out at me. If you do not love yourself the odds of finding Mr. Right are slim to nil. I'm not just talking about the, "Sure, I love myself", kind of love. I'm talking about absolutely falling in love with yourself.

In order to have the love we truly desire, that love has GOT to start with us. We must adore ourselves. We have to dig around inside and find what makes us special, beautiful and unique. We have to eliminate or manage all self sabotaging talk. We must spend time wooing and taking care of ourselves. I mean really celebrate being in the skin we're in. We must strive, daily, to love ourselves completely. Then, and only then, can we recognize when a man is loving us the same way.

So let's start right here and right now. Now repeat after me: "I am a beautiful woman!". I want you to say it with vigor! Even if you don't feel it, say it (I do it all the time :-). Say it over and over to yourself all day long. Next, find something else that is wonderful about you and repeat it over and over. Let's get busy falling in love with yourself and lets start today.

How do you rate your "self love" on a scale of -10? In what areas do you need to show yourself more love?