Monday, December 6, 2010

Being Present in Our Life

Slowing down and being present in our lives can feel hard at times. It can be so tempting to ignore the icky parts ( insecurity, fear, uneasiness, etc) and busy ourselves to keep from having to be present with the fact that something is going on with us. We will use work, kids, husbands, heck just about anything to keep from looking at what is really going on.

You know that feeling that I am talking about. Sometimes it happens when all the busyness of life dies down and everything is quite and that feeling creeps up that says something is not right. Other times it happens when we look around our lives and begin to ask thing like, "Who am I and how did my life get this way?" It can also show up as a nagging uneasiness that eats away at us day and night, subtly saying that we are missing something, we just don't know what it is.

The urge to turn away from these feeling and busy ourselves with something else can feel really tempting. To clean the house, work on a project for work or perhaps to run some errands.

But I am going to suggest that you try something different. Instead of turning away, walk towards the uneasiness. Ask the hard questions. Things like: What do I really want, what am I afraid of and what is this all about? The thing is this, what we resist persists and by not being present with the uncomfortable stuff we actually keep it around. So, what have you been running from and what do you need to do to be present with it today?

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