Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Suffering From The Ms.Boss Syndrome?

Its that time again!!!!  Time for the SoulMate Coach Crystal Show!!!  And this week we will be taking a look at the Ms. Boss Syndrome.  How can you tell if you have the syndrome? Well. here are a few questions to help you clarify:  Are you constantly accused of being bossy and/or controlling? Do you ALWAYS have to have the last word? Do you tend to believe that YOUR way is ALWAYS the best way? Is it hard for you to hear and respect a different opinion? Well, guess what? If you answered yes to most of the questions you most likely suffer from the MS. Boss Syndrome! 

And if you answered mostly no's, don't get too excited! Because there is still a good chance that you suffer from the syndrome and you are just are in denial. One of the main symptoms of the syndrome is an inability to see a problem with our bossy behavior (the Ms. Boss Syndrome is veeerryyyy tricky). It's not that you are bossy, it's just that you ideas ARE always better LOL! 

But seriously, as successful sista's we have to handle a lot and in order to experience the kind of success we have it is important to be able to take control at times. There are times when it is absolutely necessary to be the boss! But what happens when we can't turn Ms. Boss off? How does being Ms. Boss 24-7 affect your dating life, relationship or marriage? What are the signs that you are too bossy? Join me this Monday on the SoulMate Coach Crystal Show, where we pack more info into 30 minutes than the law should allow, to get the answers to these questions and more!!! 

When: Monday, August 29, 2011
Time: 7:00-7:30PM EST

Where: or call in to listen live or comment by dialing 760-512-7255 

This show is quickly becoming the go-to show for real relationship advice and insight! Come on out and get you relationship "Aha" moment!  Also, ALL previous episodes are available on-demand and iTunes-FREE!!!  

Some of you are happily single or married and this is NOT for you and I am happy for you, love is a beautiful thing. However, there are people that you probably know WHO are hurting and want to experience the same happiness and peace that you have found. So pay it forward and PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG TO THEM. Together we can break the cycle of painful relationships and unlock the door to the relationship of your dreams. See you on the radio!



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