Monday, September 19, 2011

Are You Attracted to Men That Are Fixer-Uppers?

Are you attracted always to that guy that needs JUST needs a little (which always turns out to be a lot of) love, support and WORK to reach his full potential? You know, the guy who almost has it together but can never quite get it together? That one with sooo much potential that he never seems to live up to.

Or perhaps, he’s the one that you’ve supported through thick and thin only to have him disappear after he reaches his goal? If you’ve  ever co-signed for a car, pulled all nighters, supported him in his business start up or through school only to have him never reach his potential or walk away once he does, this episode is for you!

I will share with you how and why this happens and how to keep it from happening to you again! This is going to be powerful stuff! You don't want to miss this life and relationship changing episode!

When: Monday, September 19, 2011

Time: 7:00-7:30PM EST

Where: or call in to listen live or comment by dialing 760-512-7255.

This show is quickly becoming the go-to show for real relationship advice and insight! I cram more info into 30 minutes than the law should allow!! So, come on out and get you relationship "Aha" moment!

Some of you are happily single or married and this is NOT for you and I am happy for you, that is a beautiful thing. However, there are people that you probably know WHO are hurting and want to experience the same happiness and peace that you have found. So pay it forward and PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG TO THEM. Together we can break the cycle of painful relationships and unlock the door to the relationship of your dreams. See you on the radio!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On Monday, September, 26th, there will be no live broadcast of the SoulMate Crystal Show. The regular show will resume on Monday, October, 3rd.



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